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The chairman of the Knesset's Justice Committee has drawn up a bill designed to increase the influence of Jewish religious law (halacha) in the rulings of judges.

Catherine Dixon

Suggesting the exam "risked damaging the profession's standing", the Law Society's chief executive, Catherine Dixon, highlighted concerns over non.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

The Former Rutgers Law Professor Led the Legal Campaign for Gender Equality. In the late 1960s, a group of Rutgers Law School students in Newark asked their professor.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg to lead a seminar on women and the law. Ginsburg, who was one of only two female law professors at Rutgers and a handful in the country, seemed the right person to teach the class.

In preparing for the class, Ginsburg, now a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, quickly learned there wasn’t much to study on the subject – and in fact, there was a large gap in the law on gender equality.

The legal arguments in a nutshell

The Cupertino giant said the Feds' demands were a "wild overreach" and would grant the US government a "dangerous" power..

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  • Solicitor super-exam could 'devalue' and 'dumb down' the law
  • Bill Seeks to Increase Role of Jewish Law in Israel's Legal System

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